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March 5, 2019

Hey everyone hope all of you have adjusted back to the work routine now that it’s March and there’s no more holiday season but that doesn’t mean you stop being happy! For us it’s busier than ever now that people have more time to send their bags to us for repairs and restorations. I want to remind all of you that even though you don’t have time for us, we’ll make the time for you and even cross seas just so we can help save your bag!


You must be wondering what I’m talking about, but what else: Sharkie Visits! By far my favorite part of running Honest Crafters would be going on Sharkie visits. If you’re new here and not used to hearing the term Sharkie visits, don’t worry there’s nothing to be afraid of!




What is a Sharkie Visit? It is when we go down to your house and provide an onsite assessment of your items and see how we are able to service your bags so we have them looking as good as new. This saves you the trouble of having to bring the bags down to our store especially if you have more than 1 bag which may be a hassle to carry! Oh and did we mention that it’s completely free as well? That’s right, no extra charges for a Sharkie visit and you may even get a 10% discount if you have 5 or more items! How good does that sound?


Let me share with you some of my favorite visits.


 #1- crossing the sea


We got an enquiry regarding a couple of bag repairs on Monday and we were scheduled to visit her house on Tuesday (thank you to whoever created WhatsApp to make things so convenient). What we didn’t know was that her house was deep in Sentosa! After an hour long drive (some wrong turns whoops) we were greeted with the ocean breeze and smell of the sea, almost forgetting that we were in Singapore! We examined her bags and noticed that all of them had mould! Because she kept all of them in the same box when she wasn’t using them! This may sound like a small thing but this increases the chances of your bags having a mould infestation! Read here if you want to find out how to take care of your leather bags! And contact us if you need mould removed!



She was stunned and angry that all her bags had mould but we assured her that it was a common mistake we see in a lot of houses and that her bags were in better shape than majority of the ones we get. After collecting her bags she thanked us for taking in her beloved bags and even invited us to stay for some tea which we declined as we had another trip to get to.


#2- Naughty Nu Nu


This case happened not so long ago but we all remember it all too clearly. We went to our client’s house and was greeted by a cute and innocent looking cat who meow-ed at us and even brushed up on our legs! We were thinking how it was such a friendly and innocent cat as cats tend to shy up in front of new people.


That was when our client came out with her Celine bag and said "don’t let her fool you, look at what she did to my bag!" We were horrified when we saw that her bag had numerous tiny holes! She caught Nu Nu red-handed treating the Celine as a new scratch toy and could only snatch it away to prevent further damage.


We assured her that we would restore her bag to it’s original glory and now looked at Nu Nu in a different light, not as innocent as we thought after all.. (Check out how we managed to save this bag! )


 As you can see, here at Honest Crafters, we are dedicated to meet your needs and strive to serve you to the best of our ability. Whether it’s going down for Sharkie visits or giving you tips for better handbag care, we absolutely love meeting all of you. So if you have something for us to repair and restore, don’t hesitate to book your next Sharkie here. We can’t wait to see you!


With love,



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