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Read this before you buy your next bag

February 27, 2019

Hey everyone, hope all of you had a great February and enjoyed yourself during the CNY festivities! I know a lot of my staff are still squeezing in that last minute visiting and gambling while they still can! I do hope that everyone is taking good care of their health as well! With all the Ang Pao money from CNY and gambling wins, I’m sure all you ladies are considering buying a new designer handbag right?




Buying a designer handbag is a rite of passage that every lady has to go through. The type of bag you carry defines who you are, it will carry you throughout the day from 9-5 and is no doubt a big decision. So, before you shell out hundreds, if not thousands on your new bag here are 4 things you should consider before you make that jump.


1. What are you going to be using the bag for?


This is a very important question when deciding which type of bag, you should buy. Are you looking for a new everyday bag? Or are you looking for a special going out bag that you use for special events like a date or a night out. If you haven’t read my previous article about what type of bag to use and for which occasion, you can read it here. Once you decide what you want to use the bag for, you’re pretty much set.


2. The color of the bag


I recommend picking a neutral color that can easily match with your outfit. Black is your safest bet. It’s classy, sexy and a timeless classic. Other colors like grey, navy and a dark olive can be paired easily as well. But if you want stand out from the crowd then you can pick a brighter color like red.




3. The material of the bag


There are many different kinds of leather out there, from soft lambskin to ostrich leather and suede. You have to pick a leather that matches the way you are going to use it for. For lambskin bags, they are very soft and nice to touch but that also means that they are more easily scratched and damaged, might not want to pick these for everyday work bags. If you want something out of the ordinary like ostrich leather or even jumbo python leather then we can customize a bag for you. Click here to find out more.




4. Design


Are you considering a classic like the LV monogram? Or are you looking at newer designs that are in trend nowadays like the Gucci GG Marmont or the Balenciaga. All these bags have great designs but if want a bag that lasts and never goes out of style then you should consider the classics like the Chanel MM or my personal favorite the Hermes Birkin. If you can’t find a bag that you like, why not design your own bag with us? High quality craftsmanship and materials for a fraction of the price, plus its designed by you, so you won’t see anyone else with the same bag.






That’s all for today and do stay updated with the latest news and postings on our social media accounts. Psss look out for special flash deals on our Facebook and Instagram page.


See you next week!


With Love,



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