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Right bag, right occasion

January 25, 2019

Hi everyone hope all of you are doing well, the weather is becoming hotter and hotter lately so I just want to remind everyone to drink lots of water okay?


Today I want to share with you all some very important lessons I wish my sister or mother taught me while growing up. It’s about how to choose the right bag for the right occasion. I know many of you must be like “Grace, I thought you were going to blow my mind with some news”, but trust me, my mind was blown when I heard about choosing the right bags for the right occasion as well.


I’m sure you ladies will agree with me when I say that the bag is our loyal companion, out with us on dinner dates and taking us through the work day. Our pillar of support that helps carry our world everywhere we go. But what type of bag should you use and when?


1.The tote


I’m sure all of us have used a tote bag at least once in our lives, portable, easy to carry and trendy as well! (I’ve even seen some guys carry it) This large spacious bag is ideal for casual meetups, shopping or a day at the beach when you pack in your beach towel.


 2.The Backpack


The Backpack is sometimes the underdog. Thought to be big, bulky and manly. Some are really pretty and can be a lifesaver when you’re carrying around your laptop and change of clothes for a yoga session. The backpack will perfectly match a formal or casual attire and can be used as an everyday bag. Leather backpacks look great for official purposes!


3.The Satchel


Becoming more and more popular these days, the satchel not only looks trendy and classy but provides you with enough space to carry your things around. Choose these bags if you want to look more professional in the workplace. Check out some unique satchel designs our customer made with our BYOB option!


4.The Clutch


This is my personal favourite, I love how the name suggest that you can easily ‘clutch’ on to it. Perfect for going on a date when you don’t want to be lugging around you 10kg handbag. Easy to hold and if you’re bold enough you can customize your own one in exotic leather grains we carry.

5.The Handbag


Everyone knows the handbag, they come in a variety of shapes and designs while providing you with enough storage space so you can pack all your necessities wherever you go (my husband says mine is at least 10kg). Handbags are perfect for every occasion and can take your outfit to the next level.


6. The Bucket bag


I’ve seen some youngsters carry these around but I’ve never been brave enough to try one out. The Bucket bag is wide at the base and is closed with a drawstring (very hip right). Giving it a very unique look and retro look. Carry it like a backpack or wear it as a crossbody bag. Perfect for a casual day shopping and walking along Orchard road.

Like this LV bag where we replaced the vachetta leather giving it a new life, full list of services here!


I hope this post has given you some idea on how to match your bag for every occasion and if you’re interested in designing your own bag then do contact us, my team and I will make sure you absolutely love it.


Do send us a message at WhatsApp 97879271 or hello@honestcrafters.com! if you want to design your own bag and stand out from the crowd! And pop by our store at Raffles City Shopping Mall #02-08/08A!


With Love.









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