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5 hacks for taking care of your beloved leather bag

January 16, 2019


Everyone has a leather bag, from ladies to guys and even some youngsters nowadays. From Versace to Louis Vuitton to new Italian names that even I can’t pronounce. The market for leather goods is definitely booming.

So how do you take care of your leather bag to ensure it lasts a substantial amount of time before shelling out hundreds if not thousands on a new one?

1.    Wipe it, dry it, blow it.

-    This may sound tedious at first and troublesome but trust me when I say that it helps a tonne. Singapore is not the most ideal place to be bringing out full grain leather bags because of its humidity, and humidity = moisture which results in mould and nobody likes mould.

-    A gentle wipe down with a dry cloth is suffice to remove any residual moisture or a blow-dryer on low would do just great if you’re lazy like me.


2.    Store your bag in a cool, dark and dry place.

-    Think of your bag as overworked student, and what does he or she want the most? To be left alone in a cool, dark and dry place to sleep. But on a serious note, exposing your bag to sunlight for prolonged periods of time would result in drying and even cracking of some kinds of leather.


3.    Treat your bags like how you want to be treated.

-    I’m not one to judge but if you’re spending a hefty sum of money on your bags I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be overloading it with things and stretching it when you rummage for your phone among who knows what.

-    Softer leathers are susceptible to stretching causing it to lose its shape and look like a deflated potato sack, do you really want your beige LV speedy to look like a deflated potato sack?! Yikes!



4.    Stuff it and release it

-    Don’t get me wrong, don’t stuff your bags with your mini perfume bottles and 1L kombucha drinks, I mean stuff your bag with bubble wrap when you know you’re not using it for a long time. This helps maintain the shape of the bag especially if you’re storing it for a long time. Tracing paper can be used to stuff your bags as well plus helps absorb moisture. Ease open the buckles and straps so impressions are released as well as to prevent permanent creases from forming.



5. Want more hacks? 

-    Get our trade secret guide into taking care of your leather bags from us for free! 

If you’ve been reading and following along religiously then good on you, you’re on your way to bag heaven.

If you’re lost and prefer someone else to take care of your darlings for you then fret not. We offer pampering sessions for your bag where we clean and whisper words of love to it because we all need some pampering. 

We offer various packages for your beloved bag from a light cleaning and polish to more extensive restoration services like replacing old leather parts.

Our full list of bag spa services can be found here! 


Drop off your babies at our new store, no longer at Plaza Singapura:

Raffles City Shopping Centre #2-08/08A, 10:30am - 10pm. 
Closest to City Hall MRT, right in the heart of town.



By the way, if you're excited by the idea of sending your bags for a pampering session, do send us a message at WhatsApp 97879271 or hello@honestcrafters.com!


With Love.



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