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Don't shy away from shiny!

October 3, 2018

You know what I really find satisfying? A nice, metallic, bright color~ 

Some of you who met me before might notice me carrying a wallet/ handphone cover with gold and green speckled scale effect (you can get it from my shop Gracious Aires).


But I'm extremely sad recently! I had to change my versatile, useful wallet to another less convenient design. That gold and green leather piece had to be retired. :(


That's what inspired me for today's topic.


Ask yourself:


"Do I love the bag, or do I only love the color?"




Look at this photo: Can you see the reflective shine in this shoe? My wallet cum phone cover was a similar pattern (but prettier~). 


So. Here is why I must retire that lovely gold and green piece I was carrying. 


They are high shine metallic colours! 


It's hard to tell, but there is a difference in the way metallic colours are made and finished on products. 


You see this one?



You see that extremely glossy look? The two tone, iridescent colour?


This type of holographic, two tone shine is indicative of a extremely special metallic finish that is 'pasted' on the leather after the basic colour is done.


Let's look at another case.



Reflective and shiny? Able to see your reflection? 


Again, this type of leather is a special type that is made with a layer of very smooth color finishing coating on the leather. 


These... CANNOT be repaired. :(


"Oh no! Grace, does this mean I have to stop buying metallic bags?"


Of course... NOT.


I also love metallic bags, how can I stop myself from buying??? 


But every smart woman knows there are tricks to make your favourite bag last longer~

If you like the design and style of bag, these are the types of metallic colours I will recommend.




You see this sample of metallic colour? No problem for Honest Crafters colour restoration team!


What makes this colour different? 

Look at these two bags.


A is shiny and reflective, but B, while also shiny, is not reflective.


You can't see your face in it! 


That is the secret trick to knowing if the color can be longer lasting, if you can use it as a mirror or not hahaha!

Let's see the next case...



You see? Even though they are shiny, they are not reflective. These types don't have the special film layer coating pasted on them. So they are less reflective, but more possible to touch up and restore, over and over again!

Moving on to other bags.






Silver is also a possible colour to do restoration on. :)


By the way, my super shiny gold and green wallet... cannot be restored, unless we do a customisation which is now available at a discount price! 


But there might still be hope for your other shiny bags!! So if you want your bags restored today, message us now~


My team is available through three methods:


1) WhatsApp message them at 97879271, or click this WhatsApp link


2) send them an email at hello@honestcrafters.com


3) walk in directly to see us! Address below.



Head down to 

Raffles City Shopping Centre


shop name Gracious Aires

Open everyday 10:30am - 10pm!



^ click for google map directions 


Hope we can chat again soon!

With Love.




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