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Weather vs Luxury Leather

August 21, 2018

Hey everyone, tell me the truth, is your aircon on every night?


It's just so hot!


But let me tell you what these two things in the following photo have in common.



"But Grace, leather bags and aircon, what's the connection?"

If you keep your bag collection in the same room you sleep in, and you turn on the aircon every night, let me share how that affects their condition.


Aircon makes the air very drying, so long term use for working and home is bad for our skin, ladies, you must put moisturiser on your face to ensure it doesn't dry out, okay~


However, aircon every night for bags is a good thing, as Singapore's weather is extremely humid, it's so hot and wet at times. This humidity affects your leather bags, and patent leather bags are especially affected too. 


Worst type of bags to be kept in hot and humid conditions?


To me, the number one type of bag that deals terribly with weather and humidity is Patent Leather. Sometimes the LV fans call this LV Vernis leather too, but don't be fooled, Chanel, Ferragamo, Coach and many other brands carry this material.


I'm sure everyone has educated themselves with my previous post about this Once so beautiful, Now so ugly material?


Here's a sample of a Patent leather bag turning cloudy and sticky after being left in storage.


Good thing this is a minor case that we can restore for the customer!


How can bags be saved?


Is your bag flaky and has a light gray powdery feeling? That is a sign that you need to send it for professional help already!


It is often a sign that mould has grown, and that can only be resolved with professional cleaning and colour restoration help.


Check out the following bag:



After doing the mould removal cleaning, we did a colour restoration for the customer too, and after that you can clearly see the shine the bag has with the protective coating we do with all our colour restoration services. 


Of course, we are professionals, the bag will not be 'super' shiny, but it will look a bit brighter than before, and gleam nicely in the correct lighting. Here's a sample where we touched up just the area of the oil stain for the customer.



Don't be shy, if your bag needs professional help, then you definitely need to drop us a line at WhatsApp 97879271 or email at hello@honestcrafters.com. 


My team has many messages to reply everyday so they may take 1-3 days to respond, so if you love getting a direct response you can drop by our shop directly. Our shop is located in the very accessible Raffles City, #02-08/08A, shop name Gracious Aires!



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So remember that if you want an experienced staff attending to you, you can go for our online quotation or physical shop face-to-face quotation! 


Hurry find your bags now, and drop us your WhatsApp at 97879271 or email at hello@honestcrafters.com. 


With Love.




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