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May 22, 2018


Hey everyone! Grace here.


Hope you are having a great week so far!


This morning I was having a meeting with my team and they shared with me why some of you still have not booked your Sharkie Visit sessions.


For those of you who do not know about Sharkie Visits, it is when we head to your home/office to assess and pick up all your branded bags and shoes for cleaning and restoration.


Here’s a quick video for you to find out more about Sharkie Visits.



When we first launch the Sharkie Visit service, many customers quickly snapped up the available time slots.


Assessment, pick up and delivery, all done at the comfort of your home for FREE!


It’s like a no-brainer right?












Isn't it awesome?


Yet many customers still prefer to drag all their bags and shoes and come down to our shop instead.


I find it quite puzzling and hence I told my team to investigate further.


Turns out, there are a few reasons why some of you are still feeling resistant towards Sharkie Visits and I want to take this chance to clear up these misconceptions!



1.  There are hidden fees and charges for the pick up and delivery



Not true at all!


When we say it’s free pick up and delivery, we mean it!


Yes, previously before Sharkie Visits, we do charge customers a $15 fee for pick up or delivery and that is because we were paying an external provider to do it for us.


But now, all pick up and delivery is done by ourselves and so there is really no extra charges.


Trust me, we mean it when we say it’s free!


There is absolutely no extra charges or mark up. 


Our prices will be the same as if you drop by our store.


So why waste your time and money travelling? Just book a Sharkie Visit session!



2.  I do not have at least 5 items or more for servicing.



Yes, this is actually very common, you are not alone.


In fact, I also don’t have 5 items to send for servicing at this moment.


But this is where the smarter customers know exactly how to get the free pick up and delivery.


They would add in a couple of items from their family members to easily pool together 5 items or more!


You will be surprise that many of our customers actually end up sending more items from their vain husbands than themselves.






Men are very vain too right? Haha!


In fact, around 7 out of every 10 Sharkie Visits involved items from the entire household and not just from one customer alone.


It is a simple trick to get your free pick up and delivery.


Now that you know this, go see what items your family has!



3. My place is not presentable enough



I was pretty shock to hear this reason at first but now I think its actually quite reasonable.


It is natural that most of us are conscious about our homes.


But not to worry, we are not the TV station!


We are your service providers and you do not have to look good in front of us.


In fact we have been to homes which are even messier than my son’s room! (which is very messy btw….)


One home even gave my assistant a full hand of mosquito bites! (sorry Shan...)


So if you think your place is not presentable enough, don’t worry, we have definitely seen worse….


But more importantly, we are here to serve and connect with you as a person.


Personality is more important than appearance right?


So don’t worry about the presentation of your place, we will always be happy to drop by!




Don’t you feel more comfortable now booking your Sharkie Visit?


I hope the above has cleared your misconceptions.


I know it’s not very common in Singapore for service providers to drop by your homes.


But do trust us that we will make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Sounds good?


Great, then book your Sharkie Visit session now and I hope to visit your place soon!


With love,

Grace Guo

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