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How to choose the right service for your bags?

May 16, 2018


Hello everyone!

Grace here.

So sorry for the lack of updates recently, it has been really busy and exciting here at HC!

We have recruited 4 new incredible members into the HC family and I have been busy coaching and bringing everyone up to speed.

From crafting to customer service to management work, we are really growing as a team!

And our Sharkie Visit is exploding!

Ever since we open up our Sharkie Visit to public, I have been running up and down every week going from homes to homes collecting and assessing bags and shoes.

For those of you who do not know, Sharkie Visits used to be only open to VIP customers who have been with us for many years.

But recently we have decided to open it up to new customers as well and the response is really overwhelming!

On some days we even feel like we are Uber/Grab drivers but for bags! But it’s all worth it when we see the happy smiles of customers when they see their beloved bags and shoes pretty again.


For those of you who still have not book your sessions, you may do so here - Book a Sharkie Visit

Updates aside, today I am writing to share with you a common misconception people have about bags cleaning and restoration.

I see it a lot especially among first-time customers who are new to such a service.

There is a difference between cleaning and restoring. (Yes, some of you may remember I have talked about this topic before)

Cleaning is generally for hygiene purposes and may not improve the outlook of your bag.

Restoring will improve the appearance of your bag but does not necessarily include dirt removal.

Confused? Don’t worry, one of my service crew has a quote that explains it best.

“Cleaning is like facial while restoring is like putting on cosmetics make-up. One helps to treat and improve the face’s condition while the other is to cover up blemishes, stains and bring more colours to the face”









Can you see the difference between cleaning and restoring now?

Many times, customers tell us they need to clean their bags but actually, what they really want is a restoration.

As a result, the outcome of the service may be very different from what they are hoping to see.

We find most first-time customers making this mistake and we hope by sharing this, more people can be aware.

If you find this useful, spread the word and share this blog post with your friends!  

It will help them a lot especially if they are new to bag cleaning/restoration services.

Okay, enough ranting from me.

I hope you find the above tip useful.

If you have bags that are in need of cleaning OR restoration (now you know the difference!), remember to get a quote here or book a Sharkie Visit here

Talk soon!

With love,

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