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Guess who is the culprit?

March 31, 2018

As you all know, sometimes I tag along for Sharkie visits with my team, and recently two of the houses I visit have very memorable pets! 

I know, I know... All your fur babies are precious and unique to you, but these are really adorable stories and I'll share with you why.


I can't remember exactly since it's about one week ago, but I think we visited her on a Saturday?


Oh just so you know, we also can arrange Sharkie home assessment visits on Saturdays, at 7pm on weekdays, etc... Whenever is convenient for you too!


But well, we don't recommend you asking for a 12am one though haha!


You might have seen one of my team posting this on our Honest Crafters' FaceBook page?



That reminds me! I posted in our HC facebook group a while ago, but almost no one responded... Can you help me by communicating more in the group? I really want to hear about you guys more!


The link is here, and you can feel free to post about the bag you're carrying today, or a cool bag you saw, or anything you want about leather and branded goods~ 


Post more okay?? Haha okay back to the cute pets story.



 You can see this cat is a lot less friendly, while her feline companion is just too active to sit still for a photo!



Such a royal and beautiful cat~ I think his owner said he was a Ragdoll cat?


This crazily friendly dog also kept coming over for pets while I was chatting with his owner. We kept stopping the conversation just to pet him haha~







One of these naughty culprits are the source of this damage to one of their owner's bag.



Obviously none of the pets would own up, so the owner just sighed and called us for a Sharkie Visit.


If you have 5 bags/ shoes/ belts/ wallets/ jackets, you can do a Sharkie Visit!

At a Sharkie Visit, we will help assess the condition of the item and what can be done to improve it.


Shoes, belts, bags and jackets? Send us a photo of your items today!


It's really very easy.


All you need to do is choose one of these methods. They are tried, tested, and true!


1) Go for a Sharkie Visit! 

Send us your details in this format:

Contact number:

Email address:
Pick Up Address (with postal code & unit number):



Send this details all to hello@honestcrafters.com or WhatsApp 97879271.



2) Do an online service assessment!


Just drop us an email at hello@HonestCrafters.com or a quick WhatsApp text at 97879271, and my team will send you a reply in 1-3 working days.


They do not reply on weekends, and we have had cases where the customers are so anxious about getting their bag repaired they will spam us on WhatsApp, email, facebook... Please give my team an easier time haha! Just sending  one message is okay!



3) Walk in directly to our shop!


You can choose to drop by my shop on the weekends or at night, we are open 10:30am to 10pm everyday, so it is convenient. Recently a few people have been telling me they get lost, so just a quick guide that this is our Raffles City shop okay?





Head down to 

Raffles City Shopping Centre


shop name Gracious Aires

Open daily 10:30am - 10pm!



See you there~



With Love.

Grace Guo





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