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Red wine and bad decisions

April 11, 2018

I was doing my usual check in at the Plaza Singapura branch of Gracious Aires (you can read about my Gracious Aires story here) , when I encountered this interesting customer.


She accidentally dripped some red wine sauce on her white leather and canvas bag, and being very panicked, she grabbed the restaurant's colorful paper napkins to clean it up with a bit of water.  


But what happened instead was that the restaurant's napkin colors started smearing onto her bag, causing an even bigger mess! 


As a bag owner myself, I can really sympathize! This kind of damage to a WHITE bag can be devastating!


Luckily, she shared with me that she could quickly go home and clean off most of the stains, but there remains a little bit left on the bag, so this is where the strange part starts.


She insisted that she wants to do a cleaning service only, even though she herself tried a few times and only managed to be around 80% successful cleaning the stains.


Maybe she saw our very successful cases like this one?



I told her that since you already tried cleaning and it won't come off, a cleaning by us most likely cannot help that much too. You can save your money on that, and I suggest we can do a color restoration service for you, with a color touch up on the stained part.


But she kept saying NO, no color touch up on my bag, it's so nice and new.


In the end, she said she will think about it and come back another time.


I'm quite confused by this situation. But I suspect he customer might not know the difference between cleaning and color restoration


In that case, I can help by sharing it all with you!


So the first thing to know about Cleaning & Metal/ Leather Polishing:


There's no 100% guarantee that the stain can be removed. 


Yes. It's the sad truth.


Here's a list of common stains that can be impossible to remove by just cleaning:


1) pen marks

Ballpoint or ink or marker pen, we've seen them all, and we're telling you, it's just not possible to clean it off, no matter if it's 10 or 100 washes.


2) coffee, tea, your favourite thai milk tea - any colored liquids! 

You'll be surprised at how many coffee spilling stories we hear a month! Be careful with your flasks in your bags and when you drive! This is also the category where the earlier red wine sauce fits in.


3) jean stains

Blue denim dye is very steadfast, and a type of jeans that is popular is 'dry denim', which create custom and unique patterns from the original dye being worn off in specific areas. This means the dye in these distressed areas are rubbed off -  onto your favourite bag! Even the solid Burberry and LV monograms are affected this color transfer!


4)  rain and water marks

This is especially true for some types of untreated leather, like LV's popular vachetta leather or suede. When it gets darker, the color just won't dry up and lighten again - meaning you have funny spots on your bag from a run in the rain.


Did this happen to your bags before?


Good news!


Color restoration can fix this!


 This is a perfect example of a jean stain on a beige Celine leather bag.

Urgh, good thing we could get rid of this! 


This is another example of 'wear and tear' from a user who obviously loves and uses her bag very much. The condition is pretty good, just that the leather has been scrapped off due to friction!



This is definitely a case where cleaning cannot restore it. 


Oh by the way, we offer metal and leather polishing too, but again, those are just for hygiene and maintenance!


Let's look at this metal polish example vs a restoration Gold Plating. 



 You can see the gold is a lot brighter on the bag on the half that the customer wanted to replate!



Metal polish is just to clean up marks and reduce the chances of rust for the next little while. Making sure your metal parts do not come in contact with sweat and liquids is one of the best ways to maintain it yourself.


Interested in finding out more?


Drop my team a message at hello@honestcrafters.com or WhatsApp us at 97879271! 


They are quite hardworking, but their official hours are only 10am - 6pm on weekdays. :)


Prefer a face to face interaction? Then feel free to drop by Honest Crafters at City Hall MRT in order to chat with us on your best bag option!


Head down to 

Raffles City Shopping Centre


shop name Gracious Aires

Open everyday 10:30am - 10pm!


Here's a picture of the shop, any comments on finding it the place so far?


 ^click for directions



Okay chat with you next time!


With Love

Grace Guo


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