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Invisible monsters surround us!

February 27, 2018

Hello everyone! How are you doing? We closed earlier at 6pm yesterday for our annual company dinner, did you miss us last night?


My team at Honest Crafters had a great chitchat and meal with the staff of sister company Gracious Aires, who they work with as their drop off point, and I'm so glad that everyone got along well, with all our new junior members too~ 


This plate is just one of the many YuShengs I have had this year, and I always wish HUAT AH!! to the success of Honest Crafters and Gracious Aires, and all you lovely people I have met in this line of work.




It's put me in a great mood for the night! But going home to relax after a noisy dinner also feels great~ Which reminds me of this one Sharkie Visit case I recently had!


Once in a while I will go on home Sharkie Visits with my team, and this is because I want to keep a hand in haha~




Recently, one of the trips I went along to was in Hougang. As our customer was talking about her housing area, she also mentioned something interesting.


She described her area as near the famous Pokemon Go spot, and asked if we play the game?


Well, i must confess that I didn't really join the hype and craze of the game, but I heard a lot of incredible stories about it!


This is the current surroundings, looks quite calm and peaceful so far.



For example, just googling it now, I can see all the news articles about how much of a headache the Singapore Police Force had in making sure people followed the rules at that time haha...


You can read an article by the Straits Times newspaper here a few years ago on the 'Po-Go' Hougang situation update, and a reminder by Hougang's Neighbourhood Police Center to be mindful of the Hougang residents at night when everyone came to play the game below Blk 401.


I wonder what I would do if a few hundred people surrounded my house are every night trying to catch digital pocket monsters... It must be a very stressful situation to live in!


Luckily my surroundings are quite quiet tonight, I can sleep well later~


Another visit I went along to was near Sembawang Park. This visit's customer has a lot of NMD shoes he was planning to freshen up with us. 



He also has the special pair of black Gucci Sneakers! We've seen a lot of the white ones pass through our workshop, but this is our first time encountering the black ones. 


According to the customer, they are a lot rarer to find, but the overseas Gucci shops have more stock than the local ones. Any Gucci fans can verify this for me?


We also noticed something about the black pair that makes them very different from the white pair.


Here are some images from Gucci's website, so you can take a look for yourself.



Side view


Top view



Back view


Spotted it yet?


Yep, the black Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers come in blue details instead of green!


Which do you like more? I feel the white ones definitely look more striking, but the black ones have a sort of... understated elegance to them too~


The cutest part is that he says his girlfriend has the white pair, while he has the black, so they can do couple shoes!! They'll be such a cute and classy couple together, I would love to see it~

If you guys want to send me photos of your cute couple shoes or bags, I want to see them too! You can send them to hello@honestcrafters.com, and I may feature them on my next blog too, if you like :)


If you have other bag problems, don't hesitate to contact my team at hello@HonestCrafters.com or WhatsApp 97879271 for a quotation. Do remember to send photos okay?


Photos are really important. You can think of us as Doctors, we can't treat a patient that we have never seen before!





If you prefer a more direct, face-to-face consultation, you can also walk in directly to Raffles City to chat with us! Just click the photo for the address.





Oh by the way, my office team may not be responding to queries on Wednesday this week as they have the day off. There are some quick renovations we need to do to the office, and we cannot do it any other day. Thanks for your kind understanding!


With Love.

Grace Guo



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