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She almost made us cry with her bags...

February 15, 2018

Happy Holidays! Any one have plans tonight?


I was thinking of having a nice quiet dinner tonight, but it's been quite busy at Honest Crafters and Gracious Aires recently, so I need to really make sure everything is in order first today! We're closing temporarily for the holidays too, so that everyone has a chance to gather at my house for a Chinese New Year celebration.


By the way, it seems like recently, the weather has been quite hot... Everyone remember to drink enough water okay?


The hot and humid weather recently means that we are over the worst of the rainy season in December and January, which is disaster for bags! I'll share some horror stories of customers we visited at Sharkie Visits later.


What is mould?


Sometimes people can be confused, it's just like dirt right? If I clean it away, then I keep the bag in my cupboard, no more mould will happen right?




Mould is very scary.


All around us there can be invisible mould spores in the air... 


You will not see them, but they will start to grow on porous surfaces - meaning leather is one of their favourite materials!


Mould is like the Zombie virus!!


Have you watched any of those horror zombie movies where with one infected person who goes around biting others... Then the entire city is infected? And then, the entire world?? 


Mould on bags is like that. If you keep all your bags in storage pressed together, check them now!!


One bag will become Patient Zero, the first 'zombie carrier' of mould. After 2-3 days, Patient Zero will be completely infected.


And then, the bag next to Patient Zero will get the virus... Together, they will infect the other bags surrounding them.


It's so terrible!


Just yesterday I went to a Bag Sharkie Home Visit and the customer nearly started crying in front of us!


I was shocked at her reaction, but when I saw her bags, I totally understood why. 


Honestly, if this was my bag, I also know exactly how she feels... It's so heart breaking... My precious babies, all ruined from the mould like this...


The cloth, the leather, everything doesn't even look black anymore, it just looks white from the mould.


And what's more, it also infected the surrounding bags! 


If you see this bag up close, the bag is 'dusty' to your fingers and has spots all over, white and black stains everywhere.


We promised the customer we'll do our best to save her poor bags. We definitely cannot let her or them suffer like that. :(



How do I prevent such mould outbreaks?


Firstly, you have to understand that mould is EVERYWHERE. 


No matter how safe you think your bag storage is, you definitely need to check on them every once a month or maximum 2 months. 


Someone also told me this quote before:




A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish. - Oliver Herford


I don't know much about Oliver, or whether he owns any leather bags, but this quote is very suitable for those too.


When you use your leather bags often, there will be no chance for the mould to settle in. Plus, sometimes they will start to turn nice and shiny! 


I also wrote this leather care guide compiling all my years of experience purchasing, owning, and selling leather bags with answers for a lot of the commonly faced problems with bags. You can click this photo or download it here.




If you need my team to help you re-download it, just drop them a message at hello@HonestCrafters.com and ask for it again. No problem!


So this takes care of all the minor mould problems.


But if you have a major case of mould problems, then what do you do? 



Help me, the zombie mould attacked!


Usually when mould attacks, they like to leech the color from a bag. The bag becomes quite ugly with tiny little dots all over, and even cleaning the mould cannot help you then.


Luckily, at Honest Crafters, I think we do a pretty good job of cleaning your bags!

Of course you see all these as amazing jobs, but to be very honest with you, for cloth bags or inner lining, sometimes the stains has been there for so long it is impossible to clean off already.


You can take this bag as sample, we cleaned it quite well but there are some tiny bits of stains left still. But don't worry, we will definitely seek to clean the bag for you as clean as possible, you can trust us!



You can message us here if you need cleaning help.


The only way is to do a professional mould cleaning service and to do a color restoration on the ugly stains.


Here, let me show you this short story my staff has put together for you.





Do you better understand how to deal with mould now?


I can show you some more successful cases where the mould spots were covered up~




This one is a patent leather bag. Don't think patent leather is safe from mould!



If you need more information on how to care for Patent Leather , you can read my blog about how it was Once so beautiful, now so ugly.


One last thing before I sign off:


At Honest Crafters, we provide a service called LC Coating.


This is a leather conditioning service, and it will help to improve the suppleness and reduce the chances of mould for the next 3-6 months if you're planning to clean and then store your bags. You can just ask my staff about LC Coating here, they will know what you are talking about. :)


Here's a sample of a regular bag polish, just to show you that polishing and conditioning your bag really makes a difference to the leather!




By the way, our retail shop of Honest Crafters has two days off starting tomorrow!


I don't want you to come down and be disappointed okay?


Please take note of the operating hours for the next few days, a bit special okay?




This is our shop address if you're keen on dropping by during our opening hours!


If you have emailed or WhatsApp us already, our online response team will be back and start taking your orders again on Monday, 10am onwards. 


Our WhatsApp number is 97879271! 


Have a great weekend and hope you strike good fortune!!


Talk to you next time!


With Love

Grace Guo





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