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February 8, 2018

Good evening everyone! Are you busy recently?


It's the last full work week before the Chinese New Year holidays start and I must say, we're a bit nervous at the rush!


There's been so many things happening recently, but we want to take a step back and know what you think too.


If you have any feedback on our services or any part of the Honest Crafters experience, do help us fill in this little survey : click me


Thank you for your feedback!


It's extremely important to us that you share your thoughts, as you are our Very Important Persons! 


In the spirit of sharing, I would also like to share with you what I have been doing over the past few weeks~


Firstly, I encounter a lot of customers worried about what this 'home visit' is.


So let me explain more in detail here!


Let's start with this cute doggy~


Do you think his face is very fluffy? But that's not just fur, this poor little Shih Tzu has lost both his eyes!

I went to his house to visit his owner on a Sharkie Visit trip, she is a great lover of animal welfare and has adopted him as a rescue dog! 


Little Hannibal was very calm around all of us, even though my team and I were people he has never seen or sniffed before.


I've been to a lot of places with dogs, but he remains one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. It was quite amazing! 


Anyway, his owner is quite amazing too. She has bags that are more than 20 years old, handed to her from her famous neighbour, and from her mum too. She takes really good care of them and keeps them all neatly wrapped too.


One of the services she is doing is a replacement of her zip's slider body. We have asked her to choose between the black metal and gold colors in this below photo. Which do you like better?




We picked up some Gucci shoes during our Sharkie trips too!


Which design do you like better? They are now cleaned and bright and ready for use again!



We had as many as 3 of this wonderful white Gucci design in our workshop at one time by the way, just look~


One of the more unique Loewe bags we picked up in the last few weeks~ This one has a part fallen off. We just told the customer no problem, can help them fix. 



This Michael Kors owner only sent her bags for cleaning during our home Sharkie visit, as the only problem she had was that one of her beautiful bags had mould, and then... infected ALL the rest it was stored with!


Like some zombie horror story :( 



This pair of Celine shoes, I also remember the owner! She has a huge Golden retriever dog, but the dog is a bit shy, so I was quite surprised by that! 


This owner is a fan of Hermes footwear, we mostly collected shoes from her house. 


You can see that this Celine is well-loved and needs a bit of color restoration at the front. I also noticed this and informed the customer that this is what we will do for her at the Sharkie Visit.





Now we have two of these Hermes slipper designs in our workshop. One is in white and the other is a beige color! 


At the Sharkie Visit, the owner showed these white ones to us and asked how we can improve it. So then we look at it, and said we can do a general cleaning + color restoration on the slipper.


The following two item owners also just showed them to ask, and told us what they thought was the problem, and we advised them accordingly.


Can you tell which is the area they are most concerned about?



See? A Sharkie is just a chit chat session, really!


By the way, if you feel that your bag is like this red Celine Nano design, and is all dirty at the corners, inside, or outside, don't worry!



We have a fabulous offer for you!


We're right in the middle of our Chinese New Year promotion, and once again, a quick reminder to drop in your bags with us soon before it ends next Wednesday!



Not sure what is a package? Don't worry, I wrote this blog post specially for you last week. It has a lot of pictures, so it will be easy to understand :)


Or you can read the official explanation here too~


Anyway, if you're planning to drop by the shop, do take note of our special Chinese New Year operating hours: 


You can also click this picture to get a pop up of Google Maps directions. So easy!

Oops, I guess not everyday, since we're closed for two days during Chinese New Year.


For our online customers, if you're planning to send us some messages, my team will start work again on Monday 19 February as the online response team does not operate on weekends and public holidays. Thanks for your patience with us!


The number to WhatsApp is 97879271, we can also be reached by email hello@honestcrafters.com or Facebook or Instagram.


Well, that's all for now, do let me hear from you with the feedback form soon, and talk to you next time!


With Love.

Grace Guo










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