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January 31, 2018

Drum roll please ...




Our ladies!


Olivia,    Victoria,    Amelia    and......


Er, Louis Vuitton? 


Today I want to talk about the special packages Honest Crafters can offer you for servicing your bag. 


And keep your eyes open! 


We will have a special add on promotion to them soon!


(I will share about that last today, okay?)


What are the most common Honest Crafters services? 






Color Touch Up





We offer color touch up services to fix those faded or dirty corners on your bags and shoes, even if it's in the center portion, it's alright too!


Honest Crafters customises the color for each bag and this is why we can do a huge range of bags in a huge range of colors.


Edge and piping damage? We can fix that too.












With great usage comes great responsibility. And that responsibility is to take care and send your precious, broken bags for fixing. 






Cleaning - Exterior or Interior






Hygiene and cleanliness is important, and here at Honest Crafters we offer your choice of cleaning services.


Just the exterior? No problem.


Just the interior? No problem too.


Or have both!








Leather / Metal Polish




Another must-have service is of course leather and metal polish. Here's some examples of shiny metal polishing, and lovely leather polishing.


What is a package?


Here's the real news, I promise - A service package means our loss, your gain!


In a package, the prices for individual services are already heavily discounted.


Most people just need a small bit of repair, or a small bit of color restoration, along with their cleaning and polishing services.


This is why we bundle the complementary services together just for you, with an overall lower price, because I'm happy when you're happy too~


Now, let's introduce our lovely ladies.



The Olivia


Do you know the girl next door, who always has a shy smile ready for you?


Olivia is the girl who cares about the basic things in life, a simple sunny day is her favourite weather to bask in.




Our Olivia package is concerned the most about the hygiene and basic care of your bag.


Is it clean? It is polished? 


That is what The Olivia aims to settle.


The Olivia Package includes




- Exterior clean








- Leather polish

- Metal polish





The Olivia - Stay clean, stay healthy!


Package price of $96.


(Services are worth $177+ individually!)



Interested? Scroll to the bottom to see our promotion price!




The Victoria 


A little fancy, a little frilly, we all know at least one of her around us. She's probably the only one of us who owns at least 5 sunhats and 15 pairs of colored sunglasses in her wardrobe.


Victoria would hate for any part of her outfit to not match!



Our VIctoria package is concerned the most about beautifying the edges and trimmings on your bag.


Is it pretty? Does it look good?


That is what The Victoria aims to settle.


The Victoria Package includes​



- Minor color touch up

(you can also top up to get a major color restoration, just check in with our staff)





- Exterior clean









- Leather polish

- Metal polish





The Victoria - Stay pretty, stay perfect!


Package price of $179.


(Services are worth $273+ individually!)



Interested? Scroll to the bottom to see our promotion price!




The Amelia


Who's the girlfriend you call whenever you need a little help? Need a place to stay at? Want to borrow some clothes for that fancy event? 


Amelia is the girl who is always there for you, rain or shine, our little fixer-upper.



Our Amelia package is concerned the most about the practical aspects, and whether parts are broken.


Is it functional? Does it have broken parts? 


That is what The Amelia aims to settle.


The Amelia Package includes




- Minor repairs

(includes zip adjustment, strap repairs, stitching refresh & more, just ask us!)






- Exterior clean








- Leather polish

- Metal polish





The Amelia - Stay grounded, stay strong!


Package price of $149.


(Services are worth $246+ individually!)



Interested? Scroll to the bottom to see our promotion price!




The Louis Vuitton


This little package comes with many things - the LV can do what the Olivia, Amelia and Victoria can. 


That doesn't mean he's better though, it just means he covers a wider range of services at a package price. :)


Our LV package is concerned the most about everything! It doesn't even matter if your bag is an LV or not. We don't discriminate :)


Is it broken? Does it look good? Does it look clean and polished? 


That is what The LV package aims to settle.


The Louis Vuitton Package includes​



- Minor color touch up








- Minor repairs

(includes zip adjustment, strap repairs, stitching refresh & more)







- Exterior clean








- Leather polish

- Metal polish





The LV Package - Stay solid, stay covered!


Package price of $299.


(Services are worth $651+ individually!)



Interested? Scroll down to see our promotion price!



And as promised, the best things for last!


For our upcoming Lunar New Year promotion, I came up with the greatest idea with my team. 


We always have people telling us that they are going for a fun holidays during the Chinese New Year period...


Or that they will take a longer trip to visit their Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian and other relatives, all in other countries...


This special idea we had was inspired by one of our Sharkie Visit customers~




































The brilliant idea is:


How about you send your bags for servicing during this period? 



What? You ask me why this idea is good? 


Very simple.


During Singapore's humid and volatile weather, it's so easy to get a sudden week of thunderstorms and crazy sunlight and then poof!


You check after one week away from home and mould grows on Every. Single. Bag. You packed together! 



This is what happened to one of our poor Sharkie Visit customers. (Read about what a Sharkie Visit is here and here)


After this, it got me thinking... Maybe I should also check for any Singapore CNY promotions around the time when I'm going overseas... 


But wait, Honest Crafters is actually perfect!


It would be the perfect place to drop off my bags while I travel around~


No need to worry about whether I will come home to good condition bags or not. 


Because of this great idea, I decided to start a


Honest Crafters Chinese New Year Promotion


just for you!


From 1 Feb to 14 Feb, send in your bag for servicing with us.


We have a crazy $10 OFF the four packages we just chatted about, PLUS we will throw in interior cleaning (not part of the usual packages) into the service for you!




It's crazy good value for money!! 


Then you can collect all your bags after Chinese New Year. You can tell your hubby you are really de-cluttering for the New Year visits to your house too right?


Better prepare your bags, we will start on the 1st Feb okay? :)


Oh yes! One more important thing!


As a lot of my team will be going home to relax for the Chinese New Year holidays too, our workshop will have fewer staff, and our retail shop will have different operation hours.


During this holiday period, a lot of people want to see their families and loved ones too, that's why your orders may take a lot longer to complete than before. Thank you for your kind understanding!


For Honest Crafters' drop-off point at Raffles City, these are the new timings



Special Holiday Operation Hours


15 Feb - Chinese New Year's Eve

Open 10:30am - 4:30pm



16 Feb - First day of Chinese New Year (public holiday)




17 Feb - Second day of the Chinese New Year (public holiday)




Normal operations will continue on 18 Feb, Sunday. We will be open from 10:30am - 10pm so feel free to drop by anytime!




By the way, what do you think of this promotion of ours? 


Share with us in our FaceBook Group HC BagLovers : 




Or better still, click this photo to suggest our next promotion!


I go with the team to Sharkie Visits every once in a while, so I hope to see you all soon!


With Love.

Grace Guo



P.S. Message hello@HonestCrafters.com or WhatsApp 97879271 for a quote, or just walk in to our Raffles City store today :)





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