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Don't throw your scruffy shoes!

January 22, 2018

Since July this year, we have officially added a new range of skills to our inventory - shoes!


Some of you may remember the huge 20% discount on shoe services we had on opening day.


Remember this image?


Thanks for dropping by!


Before that, we have been doing shoe cosmetic touch up, cleaning, and minor repairs, but on an unofficial, word-of-mouth basis. 


After we opened officially to receiving shoe inquiries, we have been doing quite a large number of shoes!


For example, this pair of shoes belongs to our customer's customer.


Something was spilled on the shoe at his shop, and it resulted in an ugly blackish green stain! So our customer offered to service it for their customer.


After a bit of cleaning and colour touch up, it's all good to go! The customer (and his customer) was very pleased with the result :)


For ladies, don't you always step wrongly and end up breaking that little heel sole tip? They are so fragile!


But Honest Crafters can fix that too, so no problem.



Sometimes I also chip off my heels while walking and climbing steps. 


The heel will then be so ugly and annoying!




For the gentlemen out there, we also open our doors to you. A good old cleaning and polish can make a really big difference. 








For both our hardworking ladies and gentlemen who appreciate a good pair of running shoes, we also can hep you.





I also want to stop here to talk about something that confuses some of our customers


"What is a colour touch up? Why do I need it?"


This is a question my staff get a lot. Some people think, just cleaning my mouldy or dirty shoes mah, why need to color touch up?


The answer is very simple. 


You can see below, that this pair of blue shoes are very dusty and mouldy before my team started work.



After cleaning, there seems to be some dots left behind...


Hmm... Let's look at the next pair.


These white shoes have been thoroughly cleaned too! Why is there still yellowish tip on one half of the shoe?



Here, this is why.


The leather on the left shoe (top picture) has been worn out!


But the leather on the right shoe (bottom photo) has not been rubbed off yet.



This is not uncommon.


Depending on how you walk, the way your shoes wear out may be quicker on one side than the other side!


This is why you need a colour touch up. :)


However, sometimes, if the condition of the leather is alright, a good ol' cleaning and touch up will help freshen you right up.



Dusty patent leather flats. Just a bit of cleaning and polish is enough to bring back a flawless shine!


By the way, we can also do minor repairs and modifications! Do drop us a message if you are interested in any of those.



So if you want to walk around with comfy shoes, but have them looking new again, just come over for your cleaning & touch up services!


My online team is available for your queries on weekdays 10am-6pm

1) through email hello@honestcrafters.com or

2) through WhatsApp  at 97879271.


You can also walk in directly to Raffles City #02-08/08A to talk to our friendly (but quite busy) counter staff.





I recommend you to message our email, FaceBook, or WhatsApp to get a quotation first, then just drop off your bag at the counter~ That's the fastest method~ 


Okay let me get back to planning the next upcoming Chinese New Year promotion with my team...


Any requests for special promotions?


It's always nice to hear what you think too!


Feel free to drop a comment in our FaceBook Group HC Bag Lovers https://www.facebook.com/groups/bagsharkies/



Talk to you next time!


With Love.

Grace Guo












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