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Don't be like her! (Even though shes definitely our coolest customer!)

January 18, 2018


Hello everyone, it’s Grace here. How are you doing?


I like to share with you a slightly strange (and a little amusing) story that happened to me yesterday.


It happened when I was making a Sharkie Visit to a new customer.


As most of you should already know, we have recently opened up our Sharkie Visit service to the public.


It used to be only available to our old regular customers but recently we have made it available to new customers as well.


Now everyone can book a session with us where we will drop by your homes/offices to evaluate all your precious branded bags and shoes for cleaning, repair and restoring.


(For those of you who do not know what is Sharkie Visit, here's a quick video for you)


So yesterday’s incident happened when we went to a new customer’s office at Marina Bay area for a Sharkie Visit.


She never used Honest Crafters before and we had never met before.


I was slightly concerned about how I should interact with her as we both did not know each other.


Feeling slightly nervous, I called her upon reaching the lobby of her office building.



She came down, handed 5 Chanel bags to me, took out cash of $1200 and shoved them all into my hands.


“Grace, thank you for helping me. I trust your judgment on how to restore the bags. I’m in a hurry, you take the money first and let me know if it’s not enough.”


And she left.


It all happened in under 30 seconds and I could not even issue her a receipt!


Basically, she had just handed over $20,000 worth of Chanel bags and $1200 of cash to a complete stranger whom she has never ever met before!


Isn’t it quite gutsy and a little crazy?


Well, I actually secretly admire and think that was pretty cool and suave of her!


While it feels good to be so trusted, I also find it slightly amusing to think… what if I was actually at the wrong office lobby and she handed everything to a “real” stranger instead!


That would be quite a funny twist to her cool and suave moment!


(If you also have a friend who is easily over trusting with his/her money, tag them on this article's facebook post to share this with them!)



Of course, not all Sharkie Visits are like this.


Most customers book a session with us simply because they do not wish to see their collection of precious bags and shoes go to waste.


Usually they have a small collection of bags and wallets (around 4 - 6) that have seen better days and they find it a pity to just chuck them in the storeroom.


Sometimes, the items may be just dirty, mouldy or damaged.


Other times you just have no idea what went wrong but the items just don't feel so good anymore.






If you just count the number of bags, shoes wallets, belts that you have spent money to buy over the years, you will find that it may be very tedious to restore them one item at a time.


This is when Sharkie Visits are perfect!


We will arrange with you a convenient time to drop by your home/offices to evaluate all your items.


On the spot we will pick up those you like to send for servicing and then deliver them back to you when done.


You may be surprised but our current record holder is actually a male customer who sent in over 50 items, all belonging to him alone! (shoes, belts, bags, wallets, accessories)


I even had to make two trips as my car couldn’t fit them all…







If you find your branded bags and shoes to be collecting dust somewhere at home, drop my team a message at hello@honestcrafters.com or 97879271 (whatsapp).


We will arrange a convenient time slot with you for a Sharkie Visit.


For more info, you may visit our lovely website here to learn more.


Alright, that's all from me for now, I look forward to seeing more cool and suave customers during our Sharkie Visits!


Talk soon,

Grace Guo


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