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Sharks in the water, Ladies in a Sale!

January 11, 2018

Hi everyone, how are you doing? I hope everyone's 2018 has started out very well!


I'm still busy hopping here and there checking on our Korea servicing unit and the local Singapore unit, but we had some end of year parties at my place too~


I'm curious to know, does anyone have any interesting start-of-the-year traditions?


We all have things like don't wash your hair, don't sweep the floor during Chinese New Year, but what lucky traditions do you have for the Western new year?


Share with me in the comments below!

Or you can also share to this post in my facebook group, I check in on the group (but only once in a while... I'm forgetful sometimes)




I want to start this year by sharing a story from last year with you...


One of our very first customers who surprised us just dropped by to the shop suddenly with EIGHT bags one day.


She has never used Honest Crafters before, but she did some research and found that we were the only ones who could provide the huge range of services she wanted for all her 8 bags.


There were her precious Chanel, her favourite LVs, and even a small YSL clutch, all with their own issues to fix.


More and more customers with 3 bags and above would pop up, and they sometimes asked my team : "You guys do delivery?"


This was one of the reasons why we started our home pick up and delivery service which we call Sharkie visits!

Have you heard of the term Sharkie?


Just like a little sharkie that goes crazy over blood in the water, ladies go crazy over beautiful and fresh new bags and shoes!



So back to how Sharkies visits are started...


Have you ever asked for a quote on your bag, and then hear my online team tell you:

"Please send us more photos!"


Don't think that it is because they have never seen the brand/ design before... It's just a natural question!


When you fall sick, do you think that you can just dial up your doctor and say, "Doctor, I'm sick, can give me medicine?"


The doctor cannot give a proper diagnosis without having properly seen the patient.


My team and myself also cannot give a proper analysis of your bag if we have never seen the item properly!


This is why Sharkie home assessment visits are perfect. 


We settle on a good timing for you and us, and then we will drop by your home to chit-chat about your bags, your shoes, your husband's belts, your father's wallets, maybe even your daughter's favourite leather bracelet!


After the free assessment (minimum 5 items), you decide which items you want to do right there, and we will pick them up immediately to bring to our workshop.


After the service is done, we will also send them back to you, all items with FREE pick up and delivery service.


Win-win situation~ :)



Here's one of the most recent customer review posts about us. When I saw this Chanel wallet, I thought that immediately it looks like it has been the favourite and trusted wallet of my customer, for a long time.




But don't think this is just a girl thing!


EDIT: HerWorld magazine recently featured and reviewed Honest Crafters too! Read it here.


Men love to look good too!


Recently we went to the house of a very keen shoe and belt collector... Going in to his place looked a bit like this.


So many pairs of high-class shoes!


He decided to send everything for servicing all at once, including his exclusive Louis Vuitton custom-made sneakers (costs over $50,000 can you believe it?? I certainly was shocked!), which has started to grow mould.


We included a sneak peek of the pair of sneakers in our recent promo video (did you manage to catch it?)



Here are some more of his other lovely shoes which we helped to do a cleaning.


Don't they look new and fresh now?


Do you also want your bags and shoes to be clean and fresh again? 


How do I apply for a Sharkie Visit?


If you have 5 items or more to assess, can be shoes or bags or wallets all combined, you can drop my team a message at hello@honestcrafters.com


(Trust me, you definitely can find 5 items or more. Our average is around 9 items per home currently.)


Let them know:

1) Your name

2) Number of items

3) Address (postal code + unit number too please!)

4) Available timeslot for us to drop by


You can also WhatsApp this information to us at (+65) 9787 9271.


We will quote and assess the items once we have arrived at your home or office. :)


This includes FREE home assessment, and FREE collection and delivery!


What's more, for the first 20 customers that book a Sharkie Visit during this month of January, show us this photo below and get a 10% off all services on our Sharkie visit~




(If you already have another promotion price, this discount will not apply okay?)



What if I just want a regular online assessment?


No problem, we can also do that!


Send in your bag photos to my team at (+65) 9787 9271 or hello@honestcrafters.com.


For in-person assessment and bag drop-offs, please drop by our shop at Raffles City #02-08/08A to chat with us!




Okay enough from me. I will see you at the Sharkie visits.


Talk again soon!


With Love.

Grace Guo



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