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Does Your Balenciaga Need a Little Spa?

December 21, 2017

Hello everyone, we're right in the middle of the December discount promotions now. Have you dropped by yet? It's okay, I'll remind you again later. 


Right now, I want to share a bit about Balenciagas (does plural come with an 'S'?).





This brand's most popular bags, much like the Celine Nano, have a recognisable look, but the actual design comes in different sizes, materials and also variations on the design




Now what is this recognisable look I'm talking about?


Look at these photos!


Balenciaga's motocycle style bags always have these little metal studs. They have many designs, colors and sizes.


For Honest Crafters, if you lose one of these studs or metal parts, you can drop by our shop or drop in a photo of your missing parts to our WhatsApp or email, and we will look into getting replacements for you.



The bags usually also have this little stud and buckle combination near the bottom area.



Of course, the handles also have the signature rope-wrapped look.


It may be surprising, but this rope, which also partially helps slow down the deterioration of the handle's leather edges, can start to fray and change color from age.




Overuse because this bag is obviously a favourite for its functionality and design!




As you can see in this photo, the handle rope has actually discolored quite badly... The dark gray color is the original color, and the light brown color is the current color!


If your Balenciaga has frayed or worn out ropes on the handles, let us do a replacement for you. We have a wide variety of colours available right now.



Take a look at this bag currently at our workshop. We done a replacement on one side of the bag, compared to the old, worn out, brown rope side.


Looking pretty sharp, right?


If you need any more information on the Balenciaga services we offer, you can check with my team at hello@honestcrafters.com. 


You can also WhatsApp us at (+65) 9787 9271. 



Now, back to our December 2017 promotions.


I'm really glad to see more people bring in bags according to the theme!


One of the promotions is the Christmas Colours Celebration - we'll celebrate December by giving discounts for bags in a Christmas theme!




From now until 31 December, the 15% discount applies to any services and packages on any full Red, Green, or White bags!


Do you have a Balenciaga or other brands in these colours? Feel free to drop by!


Our other promotion is the Jingle Bells Promotion - metal-related services get a discount!



From now until 31 December, you can get a 15% discount on any items requiring metal-related services!


For example, maybe your favourite bag's metal stud broke.


Or your Miu Miu wallet's little tic tac button came out.


We can fix those, with a 15% discount now!


The only condition is that it doesn't include our 4 basic packages, such as the Olivia, Amelia, Victoria, and Louis Vuitton.


If you have any bags, shoes or wallets to send in, do drop my team a message with photos at hello@honestcrafters.com. 


You can also WhatsApp us at (+65) 9787 9271.


If you really want to, just drop in at to chat with us!


We're at #02-08/08A Raffles City Shopping Centre, level 2 next to Robinsons! Open everyday 10:30am-10pm!





Okay, let me get back to the party I'm preparing for this Christmas weekend. Maybe in future, I'll hold one big enough to invite all of you too~


With Love

Grace Guo


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