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My dirty little secret to looking good

November 21, 2017


A lot of friends and clients have asked me before how their bags and shoes can look good, and don't be shy, everyone wants to look good!


Besides buying brand new bags, there is a little trick that some people use to give themselves an edge over others...


First, let's imagine going out in your nice leather shoes and walking around in mud. Ugh! 


Now imagine leaving that mud there to dry.


And then going out the next day and wearing those shoes again.


Gross right?   


That's the same thing as your bags and shoes. When you don't clean them, they pick up a thin, maybe almost invisible layer of dirt and bacteria on them. 


In this men's shoe case,  the dirt is quite visible...


Imagine all the dirt and bacteria if you leave it alone for 3-6 months before using it again!


"But Grace, you can't expect me to wash my shoes and bags every day, where got time?!"


For me too, I don't clean my bags and shoes everyday. But I know the importance of keeping them maintained.


We have a free leather care guide for subscribers you can download (I made it because I couldn't stand seeing poor leather bags get ruined!). If you're one of our existing members who lost their copy, feel free to drop my staff a message by clicking this.


Also, thank you guys for telling me you enjoy my blog posts! I didn't think that people would love to read them so much :)


If you have followed the last one, look what I bought for my team's monthly session! Yes we went with more pizza again haha. Do you have other recommendations for order-in food?



So anyway, a little trick to making yourself have a stronger impression is to look more... Presentable. Hmmm, how to describe this properly? 


If your shirt has a loose thread, snip it.


Eyeliner crooked? Fix it.


Messy hair? Style it.


Bag worn out? Service it.


Shoes look dirty? Send for cleaning.


You don't even need to spend $ $ $ on new bags and clothes, as long as you make sure your current ones look put together and polished! 


Do you immediately see a difference in the impact the pair in the 'after' photo makes?


Look at this pair of heels, ladies.


Which pair do you want to wear if you're going to meet CEOs and presidents from other companies?


Do you have any other simple secrets like this to share? Feel free to chat in our facebook group, we have renamed it to "HC Bag Lovers Group".


Click our link to join, but you need admin approval first to join this secret group!



With love,




P.S. If you're interested, Honest Crafters offer 2 special services - 


1) Nano Coating


Our Nano Coating makes your item waterproof, and protects your leather against water based stains (like spilling coffee!).


2) LC Coating


Our LC Coating is a leather moisturiser, it helps reduce the chances of mould occurrence for the next 3-6 months, depending on your storage and usage conditions.



These are ideal for helping you have an effortless way to maintain your polished looks! 

You can email us at hello@honestcrafters.com or simply drop a WhatsApp message to  9787 9271 :)



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