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November 16, 2017

Hey everyone, how are you doing?


It's a bit late right now, but I'm planning the menu for later..


This is what we had last time... Do you like pizza?


This might be surprising, but everyone in my team will get together once every month. We use this time together very wisely.


We discuss the company progress and systems, and if there are any problems, discuss how to improve on that too.


We do our best to work towards a better environment and company, and most importantly... Snack and laugh together! 



This month's HC improvement session will be later today at 5pm, so if you drop by and can't find our usual staff Shan Shan at the counter, that will be why.


But no problem, my team will follow up with other queries tomorrow. Sorry if the reply is a bit delayed, there are usually a lot of messages.




Recently I have also made a trip to Korea to oversee our Korea unit.


Korea is a really interesting place, a lot of people think China is where all the manufacturing is done, but Korea also has high quality and luxury parts that are very needed for Honest Crafters' repair and replacement.


Have a look at the variety of strap hooks we have in stock right now!



Not to mention, we carry a lot of replacement parts for buttons, buckles, zips, clasps, chains and many many more!



We ordered in bulk because these items are not easy to find sold separately. 


You can WhatsApp message my team at 9787 9271 if you need to buy any parts for yourself, or if you simply want your bag metal hardware fixed!




By the way, we have exciting job opportunities if you know of anyone suitable!


We're looking for positive people with initiative, with an open mind and hard-working attitude. If you know anyone with a passion for Luxury Goods, email us now  :)


If you just want to email us to ask for a quote on how to fix your bag, please email hello@honestcrafters.com and we will get back to you in 1-3 working days!


With Love, 



P. S. If you have not signed up for our FREE leather care guide yet, sign up soon! You get all my blog posts and special promotions earlier than the rest of the world too.


Click this image link to start:






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