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This 'bag' might be older than you!

October 13, 2017

Hello everyone, it's soon to be the weekend, and at our workshop, we are feeling excited about something!


Usually when we receive bags, people will tell us it is a bag their mother or husband gave to them, and it has special value. That's still quite regular for us. But a couple of weeks ago, we received a very old, very special... Family heirloom!  


It might even be older than most of you reading this! This case is 60 years old...


Such a unique 'bag'!




It's huge! We needed two men to help us carry it...


It really amazed me to think that our customer decided to bring it down with such confidence that we can repair it! Usually our customers contact us via WhatsApp before sending down unique cases, but not this time.


I started my inspection, based on the information that our customer gave us.



Unfortunately, due to its age or usage, one of the leather straps broke off. 



The lockset wasn't doing so well too.



I can also see more of the wear and tear at the bottom corners, and at the wooden parts.


But no worries, my crafter team set to work once we received it at our workshop! 


After days of hard work on the case, we are nearly ready for delivery!


Are you ready for some pictures? 










As you can see, we fixed the lockset as requested.



The strap has also been patched up~




 We also patched and color touch up a little here, a little there. 



Hope the customer is happy with the restoration!




We're really happy she trusts us enough to send it straight to us without messaging first! 


If you are like her, and your bag's lock is damaged, or the strap/ strap holders are broken, do drop my team a message at 9787 9271. If you are lucky, you can even catch me at the shop sometimes. 


The shop is at #02-08/08A, Raffles City Shopping Centre, shop name is Gracious Aires, catch us 10:30am-10pm everyday!



Talk to you next time~


WIth love, 






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