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September 8, 2017

Hey guys, sorry for the late updates. Had been really busy for the past two weeks including an overseas trip as well. Finally have some time to get down to writing a new blog post.


This morning we were having our routine training session again at our Plaza Singapura store. 


I think some of you actually saw us crowding around the counter and chatting away intensely and wondering what were we up to... haha!


Well, this time round I would like to share 2 interesting (non-leather bag) cases we received this morning when I was at the store. 


First is a torn full size leather rug.


It was slightly damaged by liquid substances (I'm guessing beverages?) as well as daily wear and tear.


It also had some sentimental value to the customer as her kids had scribbled onto the rug previously.






Over the next couple of weeks we will be restoring this in the workshop. The process will be quite similar to what we did for the Gucci bag which was bitten by a dog. If you don't remember, it was highlighted on my previous blog post.


Let's see how it goes for this leather rug. Will update you guys when it's done!


The next case I like to share is a customer with 2 pairs of worn out Ferragamo Shoes. 


Apart from cleaning, we are able to do restoration work on shoes as well if they have turned bad over wear and tear. 


Both pairs of shoes seem to be of similar damage and we will be patching up both pairs over the next couple of weeks in the workshop as well.





Previously we did a similar case of restoring the heel of a stiletto. 



This time round the material is slightly different so we will probably have to use a different method for these. Will take an after service shot for you as well!


And before I forget, here's an important announce for those who might have missed our email announcement. 


For the month of Sep, my team have decided to bring back The Olivia package promotion.From 7 - 27 Sep, come bring your bags and wallets down for The Olivia package at just $69! (usual $96)



The previous time we held the promotion in June, it was snapped up pretty quickly so my team thought we should bring it back so more people can go for the deal.


If you still have bags/wallets for The Olivia, please make sure to drop by early before the promotion is over! (Deal is only limited to first 80 customers) 


Well that's all I have for now. Go kick back your feet over the weekend and we will talk soon!


With love,


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