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Pet Lover or Bag Lover?

August 25, 2017

Last night I was at my friend's place for dinner and wine with her family.


She's a dog lover and has 3 dogs at home.


A little Shih Tzu, a Pomeranian and a Labrador Retriever.


Yes a very weird combination of one big dog and two small but don't ask me why, the dogs are somewhat very okay with living together.


The Pomeranian though small, was extremely noisy. It kept puffing up itself and barking at me!


I'm not a dog person and perhaps he could sense it and was trying to warn me off his territory. 


But it failed so badly because of its little small size! Ha.. ha...


Well seeing those dogs last night reminded me of the cases we received at Honest Crafters caused by naughty pets.


The culprits are usually dogs, cats and sometimes birds!


If you are wondering, your pets are probably secretly jealous of your beautiful bags and wallets. 


When you are not at home, they will strike and destory them all!  (Am I kidding, or are your pets really mad? ;))


One of the more memorable case was this beautiful Gucci bag which was nibbled and chewed by the owner's pet dog.


When we saw the bag, we wondered how black and dirty the dog's mouth must have been....


See for yourself and you will find it weird too....




Regardless, we cleaned up the area and patch up the leather and touch up the leather surface finishing.


Here's the end result!



Can you see there's some patching work done on the middle part of the bag where the dog bite was? 


Let's see if the dog would bite it again ;)


Another case was a pretty blue Celine bag which was scratched by a pet cat.


This high class cat got itself the most expensive nail-buffer probably ever in history of nail-buffers.


Fortunately we could patch up the scratches nicely or this Celine bag would totally be lost...





I was quite amazed when I saw the end result of this restoration work. The crafters managed to patch up so nicely that I couldn't even find the signs of repair!


Naughty Cat: 0 - 1: Honest Crafters ;)


There is also a Chanel wallet which was badly scratched by a cat. We will be working on it over the next few weeks.



If you are a bag lover and pet lover, make sure to keep your bags out of reach from your pets!


In our Essential Leather Care Guide, we spoke about how you can store your bags away properly to protect against mould and dirty stains. While the intention was certainly not to protect against pet "attacks", it would serve the purpose as well.


Make sure to read the guide if you have not done so and share it with someone with dogs and cats at home!


Happy weekend and we will talk again soon!


With love,

Grace Guo

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