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The Unsung Heroes At Honest Crafters

August 21, 2017

This morning I was conducting a training session for Lea, Shanshan and Carlene.


For those of you who had contacted us before, you might have spoken to at least one of them before.


They are the unsung heroes of my team, the ones who are dedicated to serving you well and making sure our communication with you is always simple yet accurate.


Leather restoration is a very complex process and it takes a lot of effort and experience to explain things in a manner that is comprehensive and simple to understand.


One particular case we spoke about this morning was a recent customer who was very insistent on dyeing her Bottega bag to a lighter shade of blue.




Her bag's current colour is dark blue with some stains on the corners and edges.


This is colour tone (not the exact bag):



And she liked to dye the bag to a lighter tone like this:



For those of you who have dyed your bags before, you should know that it is very risky to dye a dark coloured bag to a lighter colour tone. 


The resulting effect may not turn out well.


For such cases we will always explain to the customer and advise to go for a darker colour or the safest colour - black. 


However this customer was still very insistent. It must have meant a lot to her. 


As such the team decided to accept the case and we will be trying our best at the workshop over the coming weeks to acheive the desired colour tone for this customer. (but unfortunately, no promises that it can be done!)


While my three girls are not crafters themselves, their knowledge of bag repair and leather restoration sometimes surprises me.


While we did train them and informed them before that it is not advisable to colour a bag from a darker tone to a lighter tone, we did not go into the techniques and mechanics behind it.


But they knew and could explain clearly to the customer!


I admit I may not have spent enough time training them (as we are usually too busy and packed at the workshop) but they had been carefully observing and learning along the way.


If you had been served by Lea, Shanshan and Carlene, join me in saying thanks to the 3 of them! 😊👍


Finally, If you have any bags which are due for a colour restoration, let us help.


For minor/partial colouration, we can do a colour touch up to match the current colour of the bag.


For a change of colour, we can dye the entire bag to another (darker please!) colour.






Get in touch with my girls at WhatsApp 97879271 or at Raffles City Shopping Centre #02-08/08A to get started!


Talk soon!


With love,

Grace Guo

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