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Don't let thirsty hippo "drink" your bag!

August 16, 2017

This morning I was making my rounds at the workshop as usual and a bag caught my eye. 


It was a black LV handbag which looked pretty new and the leather was in very good condition. 


Why then was it at the workshop? 


Sadly, the bottom of the bag was totally destroyed by a Thirsty Hippo (a moisture absorber commonly placed in cupboards)



The chemical from the Thirsty Hippo leaked and got in contact with the base of the bag.


The leather is now utterly damaged by the chemical and permanently wrinkled and mis-shaped.





Unfortunately this is not a story of how we magically restored the damaged bag.


For such chemical contamination and damage, unfortunately it can't be reversed.


The leather is permanently damaged...


If I don't remember wrongly, this is already the third case we recently received with the same problem. 


I know its important to keep your leather bags dry to protect them against mould, but make sure you don't expose your bags to other forms of danger!


In our Essential Leather Care guide, we shared a very simple way of storing your bags which is very neutral and will not cause damage, colour transfer or other harmful effects onto your bag.


Make sure you follow the steps outlined and store your bags properly. Its painful to see the beautiful LV in such a shape now :'(


If you have not downloaded our Essential Leather Care Guide yet, make sure to do so here while its currently still free for download.


Let's take good care of our bags!


With love,

Grace Guo

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