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Free Pick Up & Delivery Available!

Home Pick Up & Delivery

We understand some of you may have too many bags/shoes to bring along or you may be too busy to drop by our store. As such, we offer home pick up & delivery so you can enjoy our services conveniently.
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Free Pick Up & Delivery

If you have 5 or more items (bags, wallets, shoes, belts) to repair, clean or restore, book a FREE home pick up and delivery service!

  1. We will arrange a convenient time slot to drop by your home to assess your items

  2. On the spot, we will evaluate the items and bring them back to our workshop for servicing.

  3. Once the work is done, we will deliver the items back to your home. 

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If you do not have at least 5 items, fret not. Most customers find 5 or more items by simply pooling items together with their family. However if you wish to skip the hassle of pooling, you may also choose to pay a flat fee of $30 for the same service.

Book Your Session

To book, send us the following via whatsapp (+65 94870688) or email (hello@honestcrafters.com)

  1. Your home address

  2. Preferred day and time (please provide a few)

  3. Estimated number of bags, wallets and shoes

We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the pick up date and time. For more popular time slots, you may have to book at least 2 weeks in advance.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Is there a minimum spent required?"

There is no minimum spent required. As long as you have 5 or more items to repair, restore or clean, the pick up and delivery is free! If you have fewer than 5 items, you may also enjoy the pick up and delivery at a flat fee of $30.

"Must all 5 items be luxury handbags?"

No, it is not limited to only luxury handbags. You may include other items as well such as wallets, shoes, belts, briefcases, leather jackets or any other items that we service. 

"Can I include my husband's items in as well?"

Yes, certainly! In fact most customers send in 1 - 2 items (usually leather shoes and wallets and belts) belonging to the husband.

"How is this different from Sharkie Visits?"

This is Sharkie Visit! Initially this service is only available to Grace's email subscribers only but due to popular demand, we have opened up this service to everyone!

"How is Honest Crafters different from the other service providers? Why should we choose you?"

Mainly our top quality craftsmanship and honest prices. If you want fancy branding or luxurious VIP treatment, we are not your guys. If you want solid craftsmanship at reasonable prices, let us serve you and you will not be disappointed.

"Can I go to your physical outlet instead?"

If you only have 1 or 2 items for servicing, you may wish to drop by our physical outlet directly. If you have 3 items, we recommend pooling 2 more and book your free pick up and delivery session!

To find us, you may drop by Raffles City Shopping Centre #02-08/08A, open daily 1030am to 10pm. We share the space with Gracious Aires, so please remember to look for the shop name Gracious Aires instead of Honest Crafters! 

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